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BODHI 8' Yoga Strap 瑜珈伸展帶

  • Geman brand. High quality in yoga products famous in Europe.

  • Using a yoga strap can help you build yoga confidence by encouraging you to go deeper into familiar yoga postures as well as to try ones you usually find too difficult.

  • Use in all yoga asanas, include forward bends, backbendings, standings, balancings, and also in all inversions.

  • Plays an important role in yoga therapy for people who suffers khyphosis, scoliosis, knee pain, neck and shoulders pain, lower back pain, knock-knees, bowed legs, etc.

  • Premium cotton yoga belt feature a D-ring buckle.

  • Color:Purple, Blue

  • Size :   8 Feet (2.5m)

     Retail Price: HK$110     

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