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yoga practice guideline

  • Do not eat right before class. Allow two to three hours after a heavy meal (800 - 1,200 calories), and 30 minutes to one hour after a snack (fewer than 250 calories).

  • Please bring your own yoga mat or yoga mat towel into classroom, or clean public yoga mat after use (we will provide disinfected wet tissues).

  • Dress comfortably. Shorts, leggings and T-shirts are fine. Feet should be bare.

  • As a courtesy to others, please arrive on time, and turn-off your mobile before entering to the classroom.

  • Focus on what you are doing and listen to your body. If at any time you fell faint or excessively fatigued, come out of the posture slowly.

  • Avoid any sudden jerky movements and do not force, bounce or overstrain, as this may overstretch and damage your muscles and joints.

  • Breathe slowly and rhythmically through the nose. Do not hold the breath.

  • Yoga i nstructor should be informed of your health problems and/or ailments prior to the commencement of a class. If you are unsure of any health condition then please seek advice from a medical doctor.

  • If you suffer from high blood pressure, heart problems, or have a detached retina; you must not do any of the inverted postures.

  • During menstruation certain postures such as inversions should be avoided. Yoga is helpful in reducing heavy menstrual flow and cramps if practiced regularly.

  • You must advise yoga teacher if you are pregnant.

  • Yoga is a non-competitive activity. Do not compete with your neighbors, they will always be different from you as they are as unique as you are. At all times during the class try and be focused and concentrated on oneself.

  • Drink water after practicing yoga as the postures stimulate all the systems of the body releasing toxins which need to be flushed away.

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