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Coffee Makes You Stiff

When Lola was 19, she worked at Starbucks on Park Row in downtown Manhattan.

At first, she was really into the Carmel Macchiato, but after two months, she couldn't drink the sweet stuff anymore. Made her sick.

The staff mostly drank Americanos (espresso and hot water), but after a couple weeks on those, she decided to skip the water and drink 12 oz. glasses of straight espresso -- 3 times per day!

Lola's bean of choice was from Sumatra; full bodied, thick as mud, and not too bitter.

She was a coffee girl for nearly a year and half (the entire time ruthlessly addicted to caffeine) and here's what happened:

  • She gained 15 lbs.
  • Her skin went translucent
  • She couldn't seem to sleep OR stay awake
  • Her love life was crap (read between the lines)
  • Every joint in her body ached

What I'm trying to tell you is, I know coffee. I know why you love it and why you need to give it up, or a least cut WAY back.

Here's a quick stretching tip: drink fresh juice instead of coffee, tea, or sodas and watch your flexibility improve within 36 hours. I'm serious.

Sound too simple?

Get this: caffeine sucks the water out of your system, fries your nerves, and makes you tense. Let me put it this way: dry, tense, over-stimulated bodies are, without fail, stiff and tight every time.

If you really need a pick-me-up, do a 3-5 minute headstand. It beats the Grande cup of Sumatran espresso any time. 

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